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Margaret’s Paintings “Miriam’s Odyssey” Shown at YMCA Women’s Gallery in Cincinnati

In Post on March 20, 2012 at 7:27 pm


The YWCA Women’s Art Gallery bravely salutes the legacy of Mariam Raisian Markarian as told by her daughter, Margaret Markarian Wasielewski in her paintings. Having heard stories from her mother about the injustices suffered during her mother’s childhood in Turkish Armenia, Ms. Wasielewski felt compelled to tell the story of her mother’s tragic experiences of 1915 in Armenia and her life after she reached America.

The large oils depict village scenes: children playing on the rooftops where they would be safe from invaders, gathered around the toneer- a wood stove used for making bread, and children’s misfortune as they are lifted to a horseman who abducts them from their homes and families. The work is significant. It is a startling reminder of the injustices suffered at the hands of others, but a beautiful legacy to her mother’s life.

Margaret Markarian Wasielewski is a painter and sculptor living in the Greater Cincinnati area.