Where to Buy

In General Information on February 26, 2012 at 3:42 pm


Sardarabad Armenian Bookstore


Abril Book Store, 415 East Broadway, Glendale (Tel. 818-243-4112)
Adventures for Kids, 3457 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, CA 93003-3314 (Tel. 818-650-9688)
First Armenian Presbyterian Church, 430 S. Turner Street, Fresno, CA 93727
Holy Trinity Church, 2226 Ventura Ave.. Fresno, CA 93721
Pierre LaFond, 516 San Ysidro Rd, Montecito (Tel. 805-565-1503)
Sardarabad Book Store, 1111 South Glendale Ave., Glendale (Tel. 818-500-0790)


St James Armenian Church Bookstore,816 Clark St, Evanston (Tel: 847-864-6263)
St. Paul‘s Armenian Apostolic Church, 645 S.Lewis Ave., Waukegan, IL (Tel. 847-244-4573)


Armenian Library and Museum of America (ALMA), 65 Main St., Watertown (Tel. 617-926-2562)
Hairenik Association Bookstore, 80 Bigelow Ave., Watertown (Tel. 617-926-3976)
Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church, 145 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 (Tel. 617-354-0632)


St. John‘s Armenian Church Bookstore, 22001 Northwestern Highway,Southfield (near Detroit) (Tel. 248-569-3405)


Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Armenian Prelacy Bookstore, 138 East 39th Street,
(Tel. 212-689-7810)


Saints Sahag & Mesrob Armenian Church, 70 Jefferson St., Providence, RI 02908 (Tel. 401-272-7712)


St. Mesrob Gift & Bookstore, 4605 Erie St., Racine, WI (Tel. 262-681-0347)


St. Sarkis Armenian Church, 1805 Random Rd., Carrollton, TX (Tel. 972-245-6995)


Artbridge Cafe and Bookstore, Abovian Street, Yerevan (Email: artbridge@netsys.am)

Noyan Tapan, Republic Square, Government Building # 2, Yerevan (Email: noyan@arminco.com)

Wholesale and Bulk Purchases

Baker & Taylor www.btol.com (Tel. 800-775-1800)

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